Posted by: L | March 3, 2011

Jersey Shore: Pin the Wife Beater on the Guido

The episode begins with Jesus, I mean Sammi returning to the house.  The girl was gone for like 2 or 3 days.  Let’s all calm down.  Deena, stop trying to define “ecstatic”.  Sammi starts off strong by doing the unthinkable, and called Ronnie “pale”.  GPL anyone?  I’m surprised he didn’t break her glasses on the spot.   I felt pretty awkward watching Ronnie follow Sam around the bar.

Ah what would an episode be without Snookers trying to get to know “Moby Dick”, the artist formerly known as Vinny’s penis.  Vinny is too busy trying to hook up with Dominican girls.  If anyone ever doubted Ronnie’s strength, those doubts should evaporate as he carries Snookie across the house in full-out cock block prevention mode.  I really almost turned the show off after all of Snookie’s groveling.  I’m proud of Vinny for standing strong as the voice of reason.  Snookie is a fucking hypocrite, I’m getting heated that Vinny is even contemplating the emotion of guilt.  This needs to stop, its so bad that I’m yearning for another Sammi/Ronnie argument.

Bad move by MTV letting Deena drive.  Four dead guidos may have been good for an immediate ratings jolt, but long term not so much.

Vinny in a Guinea Tee

Ronnie in a Guinea Tee

J-Woww peeing on Deena’s foot on the way home from the bar was pretty smart, as theshit in that toilet had the house at its knees.  Even the Situation is at a loss for words.  Leave it to Snookie to try to hit on a fat plumber as he’s scooping shit.  Trying to find the Guido whose Guinea Tee was lodged in the toilet is like trying to find a needle in a hay-stack.

Pretty funny that Mike had to check that girl’s ID at the bar.  Mark Sanchez, are you watching?  On a side note, I think its pretty cruel for Ronnie and Sam to prank Mike.  After all they put him through in that room, I think they’ve done enough.  I must admit, however, that the prank was effective.  Apparently it didn’t stop the whore from giving the Sitch some head.  This led him to believe he had herpes.  The prank that keeps on pranking…


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