Posted by: S | March 28, 2011

Beauty Queen Loses Crown for Eating Tacos

We see it every now and then, a chosen winner loses their award for something controversial.  Reggie Bush took money from his agent, he loses his Heisman.  Milli Vanilli lipsyncs, their Grammy gets revoked.  The newest addition to controversy- a Texas Beauty Queen was stipped of her crown (only to win it back in court this morning) for wait for it… eating too many tacos!

(the before picture)

Pagent officials claimed that Domonique Ramirez, the 17 year old Miss San Antonio had breached her contract for gaining weight due to taco consumption, and therefore made her bikini photo shoot pictures “unusable”.  Before the dispute landed itself in the court of law, pagent officials instructed Ramirez to “get off the tacos”.  I’m laughing, are you?  I can only wonder if these officials would’ve had the same reaction if her weight gain was caused by Wendy’s.

During a grueling court case, jury members were asked to review the bikini

"Sitting at a trial is boring, I wonder what time lunch is"

photos in question, and establish whether Ramirez did in fact breach her contract (aka, if she no longer looked attractive in a bikini).  Through what must have been envasive and embarrasing, the person I feel bad for is Taco Bell.  As if they don’t have enough trouble proving to people that their food is not disgusting.  Now they’ve scared off anyone who ever aspires to be in a Beauty Pagent.   Thankfully for Ramirez and Taco Bell’s publicist, a unatimous jury overturned the Pagent’s decision and returned her crown. 

This decision also makes Ramirez eligible to enter the Miss Texas Pagent later this year.  Though I wonder how she’ll get very far in the competition, unless her skill is to win a taco eating contest.


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