Posted by: S | March 28, 2011

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Our girl K is back with another installment of Movie Central. This New York City resident is a girl about town, and she doesn’t mess around.

not today ladies...

It is my opinion as an avid moviegoer, that depriving an audience of Mathew McConaughey’s infamous abs is a serious offense. Therefore, it would take a truly entertaining film to redeem itself for this bold costuming choice. Luckily, The Lincoln Lawyer proved itself to be so entertaining and thought provoking, that I found myself more enthralled in the plot twists than McConaughey’s good looks.

As opposed to the majority of films, which feature a main character who is down on their luck in some form; unemployed, unpopular, a virgin, etc, struggling to achieve the ultimate makeover moment, The Lincoln Lawyer begins with defense lawyer Mickey Haller (McConaughey) already on top of his game. The opening sequence of the film convinced me that in my later adult life (when funds are more plentiful), I will have to hire a personal driver chauffeur me around, and insist that a soundtrack of rap music follow me everywhere I go. From the moment The Lincoln Lawyer begins in this exact fashion, it was clear that this was going to be a very entertaining film.

The Lincoln Lawyer appeals to today’s generation of overstimulated, quickly bored moviegoers. Just as James Patterson’s novels hold our attention by featuring chapters no more than 5 pages long, the film doesn’t go more than fifteen minutes without a major breakthrough in the case, sex scene or character revelation.  Adding to the movie’s success is the superb acting of McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy, all of whom are perfectly cast. 

If you had asked me me a month ago, I would have said that a McConaughey film where I wasn’t trying to lose him in 10 days just wasn’t for me. However, it is clear now that Kate Hudson is going to have to find a new leading man, because McConaughey is at his best when he’s kicking ass and taking names.  As an added bonus,  it was refreshing to see McConaughey’s ex-wife being played by my girl Marisa Tomei, as opposed to some twenty year old bimbo (hello Blake Lively). Tomei is great as McConaughey’s ex and fellow lawyer associated with the case, proving that leading women don’t need to chose between being hot or intelligent.

Overall, The Lincoln Lawyer is a film that has something for everyone. If the storyline doesn’t do it for you, and the bumping soundtrack isn’t your cup of tea, then just stare at McConaughey and Phillippe for an hour and call it a day. One final note, if anyone reading this lives in the NYC area and would like to be my driver, please contact me, as I would love to become the BMW Blogger.


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