Posted by: L | March 28, 2011


This really hurts.  Every day its a new loss.  I hate that Carmelo is being criticized, because with the exception of a game or two, he’s the best player on the floor.  Amar’e has slowed down considerably, and Billups has really been bad.  His shooting has been very poor, and his turnover rate is way too high.  Unfortunately, D’Antoni needs to change his game plan.  His team as constructed now does not mesh with his style.  His best three point shooter is also his superstar, and other wing players like Shawne Williams, Landry Fields, and Toney Douglas are far too inconsistent from outside.

I think that the trade was necessary, but the team is worse off for the remainder of the season.  We need size. Maybe a new coach.  Even Kwame Brown killed us.  God, this has been so bad.  It just sucks that in our revitalization season, we may fail to win 40 games.  I’m embarassed.


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