Posted by: M | March 29, 2011

My Dream Radio Station

I have a love hate relationship with NY Sports Talk Radio.  I recognize its better here than most places around the country – trust me, listening to hicks from Virginia call in about the Redskins for 4 years of college was brutal.  And as big of a music fan as I am, rare is the time that I am in my car without either WFAN or ESPN Radio on.  Some hosts I love.  Some I hate.  Some callers are funny, most are brutal.

Here is my “dream team.”  Who I would hire as my NY Sports Radio team if I was station manager.

Morning Drive: 6am-10am: Boomer and Carton

What frustrates me most about drive time radio in NYC is the lack of balance.  During the morning commute, listeners are given two excellent options: Boomer and Carton, and Mike and Mike.  While both shows have their flaws, I could listen to both shows for all four hours straight if given the opportunity.  I chose Boomer and Carton for this spot because they are more of the morning type guys.  They don’t get as in depth into sports as Mike and Mike, but they are a lot funnier, and a lot more entertaining.  To say it plainly, they wake me up in the morning better than Mike and Mike do.  I’d rather start my day by laughing at these two goofballs than by pondering deeply about PED’s in baseball or who won the NC State-UNC game last night and why Digger Phelps thinks its a big deal.  I also am biased, because I enjoy NY sports talk infinitely more than national.  Fear not, Mike and Mike fans – they will appear later in the day.

Mid Day: 10am-12pm: Don LaGreca and Brandon Tierney

A true face for radio

So, I’ve shortened the typical 3 hour long mid-day show to two hours.  I like BT a lot, in that he speaks his mind, doesn’t pull punches, and pretty much knows his stuff.  I think Don LaGreca may be the most underrated guy in NY sports radio.  He’s very smart, he’s not an arrogant prick (see: Francessa, Kay), and he embraces the fact that he is a fan.  He’s also become a lot more pleasant as of late.  Jody Mac is ok, but I think he’s a poor man’s Don LaGreca.

Afternoons: 12pm-4pm: Joe and Evan

I really struggled with the one.  Beningo and Roberts is without a doubt my favorite show on NY sports radio.  Both guys are great.  They both bring so much emotion – you can tell that they live and die by their teams (which happen to be, except for one of Evan’s, all the same as my teams).  Joe brings his age, experience, NY swag, and PAIN.  Evan is a rising star.  He knows more about sports than I think anyone else on this list, and he can be both passionate and objective at the same time.  Both of these guys also appreciate their callers and don’t treat them like shit.  My only concern about Evan is that sometimes, I think he tries to emulate Francessa a bit – Francessa after all is the most “succesful” (emphasis on the quotes) in the business.  And I don’t like that.  But as long as he’s himself, I’ll listen to these guys during my lunch break, on the way home from school, etc. every day.  And the podcast.

Evening Drive: 4pm- 7pm Mike and Mike

I struggled with this one also.  Two reasons why.  First, I really wanted Joe and Evan here, but I think that Mike and Mike would do better.  I also struggled in that I thought about ditching Golic and pairing Greeny up with someone else.  The reason being, I like Golic, but i LOVE Greeny.  And I love when Greeny comes on 1050 and talks pure NY sports.  Golic may be the only person on this list who isn’t a New Yorker.  I guess that’s a good thing – a little diversity.  The question remains whether they would stick to the traditional Mike and Mike format, or do NY sports.  I would prefer NY, but I could see listeners preferring national.  Perhaps a nice mix would be in order.

Evenings: 7pm-10pm: Stephen A. Smith and Bonnie Bernstein

Smarter than she looks.

Whaaaaaat!?!? Yeah, i know.  Kind of weird.  Didn’t love Stephen A. on tv, but like him on radio.  I have a soft spot for Bonnie.  Not sure why.  She’s smart, and not annoying.  I think the two of them could compliment each other nicely – Stephen A. brings basketball to the table, Bonnie brings baseball, they both know football.  Could work.  Also, perhaps they would start a romance!

Nights: 10pm-1am: Adam the Bull

Perhaps the most underrated of the WFAN hosts.  Knows his shit, good voice, appreciates the callers…could shine here.

Late Nights: Steve Somers

He’s gotten a bit annoying over the years, but he’s a legend.  And I still have a soft spot for him.  He can get along with his weird callers in the middle of the night here without bothering people who can’t stand his voice

Update Guys: Jerry Recco and Erica Herskowitz

Jerry is smart and pretty funny.  Erica is a fucking smokeshow whose voice is as hot as she is in person – got that “it always seems like she has a cold” voice.  HOT DAMN!

Producer: Al “Hughes” Dukes

How could you not?

Janitor: Michael Kay

Fuck that arrogant big headed asshole.

Intern/Slave: Mike Francessa

Fuck that arrogant, big everythinged asshole.


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