Posted by: S | March 30, 2011

Power Rangers: Where Are They Now

Take primary colors, the ability to morph into scientific states of being, and mix them with teenage attitudes and you get one thing.  No, not my 11th grade chemistry class! I’m talking about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

Though I was too young to notice the obvious racism (the black ranger was black, and the list goes on), and too naive to wonder how Tommy and Kimberly had time to make out when they were so busy saving the world, I was a loyal supporter.  Rita, Lord Zed, and even Ivan Ooze were amongst many villians who had no chance against the Rangers; always able to prevail at the end of each 24 minute episode.

Jason was the fearless leader you could always count on for motivation. Zach was so cool, thats all I got on that.   Billy was a nerd but he knew everything so that was fine.  Tommy was the bad boy trying to change and fighting for the right reasons (every girl loves a fixer upper). Kimberly was beautiful and Trini was, well, I guess they just needed another girl in the group.  So where are they now? Let’s find out.

Jason Lee Scott, The Red Ranger.  Real Name: Austin St. John.  Being the Red Ranger was his life’s claim to fame, making several guest appearances after his stint on both TV and in movies.  Austin stayed into martial arts and wrote a boring book about it.

then and now, yuck.

Zach Taylor, The Black Ranger.  Real Name: Walter Jones.  After being kicked off the show due to contract desputes, Walter rejoined the series but only able to do voiceovers (talk about sucking).  This led to other voiceover work and multiple commericals for Bank of America.  Jones was arrested in 2009 for DUI.  See mug shot below.

see mug shot on left

Billy Cranston, The Blue Ranger.  Real Name: David Yost.  After spending several seasons on the show, David claimed he was asked to leave by producers because of his sexuality.  Not being able to accept himself, he spent two years with the “Prey the Gay Away” program.  When that didn’t work (no shit) he moved to Mexico and eventually accepted himself.

poor billy.

Trini Kwan, The Yellow Ranger.  Real Name: Thuy Trang.  She dabbled in acting for a few years, never really getting her big break.  She tragically died in a car accident in 2001 at the age of 27.

i love how they're everyday clothes were the color of their ranger suit.

Kimberly Hart, The Pink Ranger.  Real Name: Amy Jo Johnson.  This pretty girl went on to featured roles on shows like Felicity and What About Brian.  She’s still working, though the highlight of her career came in the year 2000 when she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Best Choice Side Kick.

unfortunately she and tommy never married

Tommy Oliver, The Green Ranger.  Real Name: Jason David Frank.  This pony tailed young fellow stuck with the Rangers for a while, but then went on to pursue his passion in mixed martial arts, and cut his pony tail.  He’s won some fights and has some awards in fighting, none of which I cared to read about in depth.

i wonder if he still exhales "keeya" when he punches



  1. you poor misguided child….the true power rangers were one dimensional (ok, so are yours) and lived only in size 4-6x and on 8 track!

  2. you poor misguided child….the true power rangers are only one dimensional (ok, yours are,too) and live only in size 4-6x and on 8-track!

  3. I remember enjoying this in primary school, but, by the 3rd grade it was “uncool” to watch Power rangers. We all still watched though. Ah, Good memories. Thanks on the update though! Good job.

  4. worst thing to see in my life !!!!!!! I LOVE POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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